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Sisler’s second interview

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A Poem by Mila Panaskevich


The hardship of their tragic past, was always left untold,

Controlled by one man Joseph Stalin, all were afraid to let the truth unfold.

Millions were imprisoned, innocent people in Ukraine,

Only because Stalin had ordered the whole nation to be part of his killing game.

This one decision of this man let people suffer and starve in 1932,

No choice to leave, to flee, get away, strength and bravery in people was all that was left to do.

Among these people was my grandma, a free-spirited little girl,

A ten year-old wanting to know, who would do such a bad thing in this world?

And not the only to misunderstand why it must be this way,

Why innocent lives were taken, until there was none to take away.

To eliminate the people was the Soviet party’s goal,

To erase their culture, beliefs, ideas, that gave the Ukrainian nation its soul.

Some did live through this tragedy, that ended in 1933,

But they were not allowed to share their story in the times of the Soviet Union Regime.

And in the recent years the world has come to know,

That the Holodomor not only a mass murder, but a genocide had been grown.

Many stories already gone, with the people that were left behind,

But we can now commemorate those that suffered the horrid times.

We will remember all the children, all the hardworking people, we’ll cherish.

We will remember all the innocent lives that weren’t ever meant to perish.

We will let our knowledge help us, to prevent similar tragedies in our world,

Because all we need is peace, to keep us sustained, and not imperiled.